Detox clay mask

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Our DETOX mask is formulated to help absorb all excess oil, minimize pores and absorb all that old makeup that has gotten stuck in your pores. 


**Recomended for mixed to oily skin 



Tea trea essential oil 



Our detox solid mask is 👇  


  • All natural  
  • long lasting – approx. 40 individual face masks  
  • eco friendly  
  • Travel friendly  
  • perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin  
  • good for you and the environment  
  • Vegan  


To use   

  1. Cleanse   

Wash the part of the body where you will apply the mask with warm water and soap.   

  1. Wet the mask   

Wet the solid mask with water for 3-4 seconds  

  1. Apply the mask   

Now, rub the bar directly onto your face or any part of your body   

  1. Wait   

Wait 10-20 minutes fot the mask to be completely dry and then remove with plenty and cool water  

  1. hydrate   

finish with a toner and/or moisturizer.  



1.5 - 2 oz  



Sea clay, Kaolin clay, water, grapeseed oil & tea tree essential oil. 


 Our products are packed with 100% plastic-free and totally compostable packaging.